Reports And Presentations

Faculty Showcase Invitation Flyer 2023
2023 Student Grievances Report
Provost Memo – Update on Staff hiring pause
Faculty COVID-19 Experience Survey Results
Message from Provost Holloway
UNM 30 - Partnering With Native Voices
UNM Assurance Argument to HLC
Invite from Andrew Connors
Visions of the Hispanic World
National Rankings Among Universities
UNM Target of Opportunity Hiring Guidelines
Native American Cluster Hire
Enrollment Task Force
UNM Quality Initiative Report 2018
Report of the Provost's committeeon ID Studies
UL&LS & UNM Press Final Signed MOU February 2018
Study of Public Service
Black History Month Calendar 
Black History Month Flyer
DEI Task Force Report 
UNM Division for Equity & Inclusion Taskforce Appointment Memo
UNM UndocuTask Force
NM General Education Core Reforms
Focus Groups on Sexual Assault
Faculty Worklife Survey Appendix
Faculty Worklife Survey Report
UNM Action Plan: Engagement Academy for University Leaders (2014)
State of Academic Affairs Report (2014-2015)
State of Academic Affairs Report (2013)
State of Academic Affairs Report (2012)
UNM Revenue Flow (FY12)
UNM Honors College Proposal 2012
UCAP Report
UNM Time to Degree 2013
UCAP Membership
Instructions for Work Group Chairs
UCAP Discussion Note
Graduate Education and Research Committee
UCAP Statement on Models for Resource Allocations
UCAP Statement on Value/Values Systems and Comparative Advantages
UCAP Committee on Improving Undergraduate Education

How to Support Students Experiencing Stress

UNM Faculty Lightning Lounge

F&F Discussion on Use of Reserves as Mitigation for Tuition Shortfall and Faculty Salary/Retention Issue
Associate Provost Greg Heileman Graduation Rates Guidance Video
UNM Image and Perception Study – 2006
Keeping College Affordable
Academic/Student Affairs & Research Committee Work Plan - January 2012
An Address by Tom L. Popejoy at the State Convention of the American Legion 1962
Provost Abdallah's Presentation for the Annual Presidential Advance
Briefing of Academic Affairs to Regents-2016
Creating Growth Mindset, Dr. Mary Murphy, Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University