Study Abroad Allocations Committee

Request for Proposals: AY 2023-2024 Study Abroad Allocations Committee 

 Each year, the Associate Provost for Faculty Success appoints members of a Study Abroad Allocation Committee (SAAC) to evaluate and make decisions about proposals for the development of a new study abroad opportunity and faculty-led study abroad experiences for UNM students. 

 SAAC is pleased to announce two Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for faculty from Main Campus, the Law School, and the Health Sciences Center for AY 2023-2024. 

 Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs: The Associate Provost for Faculty Success requests proposals for small grants to support UNM faculty-led study-abroad programs for the academic year 2023-2024. The primary purpose of funding is to make faculty-led studyabroad more affordable for students by covering certain fixed program costs. 

New this year: Applications will be submitted through InfoReady. Entries in the InfoReady system will substitute for the “coversheet” used in previous years. Applications are limited as to length, and the budget spreadsheet has been updated to reflect unit and per-day costs. Applicants for faculty-led programs must also initiate a program registration with the Global Education Office. The registration does not need to be completed but must be initiated coincident with the application to SAAC. 

Please note that all applicants who have previously had SAAC funding for a faculty-led study abroad program must have filed their final report for the previous program. See the final report guidelines for details.  

 Development of New Study Abroad Programs: The Associate Provost for Faculty Success requests proposals for small grants to support preparatory travel by faculty during academic year 2023-2024 and summer 2024, for the purpose of establishing future studyabroad programs. The primary purpose of funding is to encourage the development of new, high-quality faculty-led study-abroad programs by enabling interested faculty to visit possible host sites, people, and institutions. These are planning awards for initial exploratory travel, not awards for the student-led trip itself (see above). Applicants should make particular effort to explain the choice of location, the applicant’s expertise in the country or region, and steps already taken to establish contacts in the host country and areas. 

Proposals for both programs are due by 5:00pm on November 10, 2023 and should be submitted through InfoReady. The InfoReady application acts as the ‘coversheet’ requirement in previous years. You will submit your Budget Excel, using the relevant template provided above, and Proposal, in PDF format, as attachments in your InfoReady application. Proposals are limited to six (6) pages excluding budget and supplemental materials, if any. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Successful proposals will be announced in December. 

The UNM Global Education Office has additional information relevant to international activities: