Provost's Professional Conference Support Program

The reputation of the University is enhanced when our faculty are able to share their ideas and discoveries widely with their colleagues, and sharing the good work of our faculty will bring positive outcomes for the university.  To be fully engaged in our mission of intellectual enquiry and creative production, our faculty must connect with their peers around the world.  The best ideas cannot be developed or tested in isolation from the global network of knowledge. 

Various University departments already provide travel funds on an ad hoc basis to assist faculty to attend professional conferences. However, we recognize that travel funds for faculty have become more constrained and inconsistently available in various departments at UNM. Therefore, the Office of the Provost has set aside a modest pool of funds intended to make travel funds available consistently across departments and to provide a central, but not the only, source of such funds.

This program will provide up to $2000 per tenured or tenure-track main campus faculty member for purposes of travel to present a paper or results at a professional conference.

The program will have an application cycle every other month, and support 6 travel requests per cycle.  All those requests that meet the minimum requirements for the program will be eligible.  If the number of requests exceeds the available funds in a given cycle, recipients will be selected randomly.

Minimum eligibility requirements:  Recipients must -

  • Have exhausted other possible sources of funding, including research grants, discretionary funds, and existing departmental and college travel funds.
  • Be current tenure-track or tenured main campus faculty.
  • Be using the funds to present a paper or otherwise share results of their scholarly investigations at a professional conference.
  • Secure a sign-off from a department chair or dean authorizing the travel and attesting to the lack of sufficient other funding for the proposed trip. Note: The provost travel funds can be used to augment existing funds, and funding from this program is intended to be the last dollar.  Matching funding is encouraged, but not required.
  • Have not received a travel grant from this program in the previous 12 months.
  • Travel must otherwise meet all applicable UNM policies, and recipients must provide a college or departmental index to which the provided funds will be transferred.

In order to promote community and the sharing of ideas within UNM, any faculty member whose travel is supported on this program is encouraged to present a short version of their work, or share a new insight they gained from their conference, at a UNM venue, ideally beyond the recipient’s home department. This could include presenting at Lightning Lounge, CTE workshops, or other extra-departmental colloquium.

Note: faculty who are writing grants for external funding should always try to include conference travel as one of their direct costs.

This program will be reviewed for FY21. 

For inquiries please email 

Submission Due date Recipient Notification Date
September 6, 2019September 16, 2019
November 1, 2019November 11, 2019
January 24, 2020January 27, 2020
March 13, 2020March 23, 2020