Course Fees

Course fees are fees that are charged upon registration to students enrolling for specific courses.  They are not included in the “fees” portion of “tuition and fees,” which are paid by all students.  Course fees are intended to help defray costs specifically associated with certain courses and are not intended to replace general operating costs, which are paid from tuition.  All students who pay course fees must benefit from the fees collected.  Course fees include class fees and curriculum fees. Please see policy 8210  for more information on course fees.

The Provost's Office is responsible for approving course fees for UNM Main campus. Health Science Center course fees are approved by Chancellor for the Health Science Center. The process for requesting a new or increasing/decreasing an existing course fee is detailed below. Please submit the Course Fee Proposal and Course Fee Form to the Provost Office for approval by Associate Provost of Curriculum by the deadlines indicated on the Course Fee Form.

Course Fees Infographic


Annual Course Fee Review 2019
Annual Course Fee Review 2018


Course Fee Form
Dean to EVP Course Fee Approval Memo           

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Nicole Dopson - Director, Financial Operations for Academic Affairs
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