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Associate Provost for Faculty Development



Zimmerman Murals Planning Committee

The Associate Provost for Faculty Development has convened the Zimmerman Murals Planning Committee to facilitate a campus and communityy discussion about how to confront the matter of the Adam's 'Three people's" murals in the West Wing of the Zimmerman Library. This committee forms in response to serve decades of student, staff, and faculty protest concerning the murals' representations of New Mexicans. The committee is helping to plan a course, to be offeredin the Spring 2018 semester, which is open to anybody who would like to attend and participate. Several public lectures will be organized and videotaped for public viewing. 

Meeting Minutes

Zimmerman Murals Class Information 


Zimmerman Murals Class Lecture Videos

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact the Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Alex Lubin,

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Ombuds/ Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty 

Mission Statement

"UNM's Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty Provides consultation and mediation services to UNM faculry and administrators for flicts. The guiding standard is resolution at the least adversarial level. The long-term vision is a widespread network of trained UNM faculty committed to dialogue, conflict prevention." 

UNM Dean of Students Presentation on Disruptive Student Behavior (Recorded by UNM Advance)

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