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Provost’s Memo on the Academic Mission During the Transition:

The office of Academic Affairs at UNM has been in a state of flux during this academic year, with interim leadership in multiple roles as we await the arrival of our new president. Yet the work of the academic mission has continued forward across multiple fronts, in collaboration with the Deans, the Faculty Senate, staff and faculty in multiple academic and academic support departments, and other units of the university. In order to help the campus and wider community understand how see the road ahead and how we are approaching it—and in order to open a conversation through which others’ views can enrich our thinking— I have written a long memo outlining our approach to the academic mission during the present transition. This memo will not be of interest to all, but for those interested in understanding how we are working to support the academic mission at UNM during the transition: I invite you to read the memo and offer reactions via the online portal below or through the normal governance structures of the university (academic departments, colleges & schools, Staff Council, the Faculty Senate, administrative committees, and other venues). Academic Affairs leaders will read all feedback and incorporate ideas into our work.

-Richard L. Wood, Interim Provost

Provost’s Memo on the Academic Mission During the Transition