Lecturer Appointments, Ranks and Promotion Guidelines

(Main and Branch Campuses)

Lecturer Appointments

Three distinct appointments are available for Lecturers: Lecturer I, Lecturer II and Lecturer III. The criteria for holding these Lecturer appointments are found at FHB B2.3.2. It may be appropriate for someone to move to a different Lecturer appointment if it better reflects their current credentials, experience and/or role. For example, it might be justifiable for someone to move from Lecturer II to Lecturer III upon obtaining a terminal degree. A change in appointment does not affect rank.

Lecturer Ranks

Three distinct ranks are available for Lecturer appointments: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Principal Lecturer. The criteria for attaining promotions in rank are found at FHB C190.

Lecturer Appointments and Ranks Currently Recognized

  • Lecturer I
  • Lecturer II
  • Lecturer III
  • Senior Lecturer I
  • Senior Lecturer II
  • Senior Lecturer III
  • Principal Lecturer I
  • Principal Lecturer II
  • Principal Lecturer III

Progression through Ranks

The FHB C190 eligibility statement for promotion to Principal Lecturer states that "upon the completion of a minimum of eleven years of service, a Senior Lecturer will be eligible to apply for promotion to Principal Lecturer". This implies one must proceed through the ranks in sequence and the rank of Senior Lecturer could not be skipped, even if 11 years of service are identifiable. However, Academic Affairs has not held Lecturers to a requirement that they must first stand for promotion in rank to Senior Lecture before seeking promotion in rank to Principal Lecturer. To do so would be inconsistent with other aspects of eligibility requirements described below.

Promotion Eligibility

A specified number of years of continuing service are required for promotion eligibility within the Lecturer ranks. Academic Affairs has interpreted this to include prior years of service as a Visiting Lecturer (or similar) at UNM. FHB C190 also states that years of service at other institutions of higher learning may be counted, at the discretion of the Department Chair and/or Associate Chair. Similar years of service may be considered in offering an initial Lecturer appointment.

Note: An apparent conflict appears between the definition of a Senior Lecturer (C190, A.2: lecturers with at least five years of continuous service), and the statement of eligibility for promotion to Senior Lecturer (C190, B.4: "upon completion of at least five years of service"). This has led to confusion regarding whether one is reviewed in year five or in year six. However, C190, B.3 states: "During the fall semester of a Lecturer's third year of service the Lecturer will be approximately half way to the earliest point at which he or she might seek promotion". Academic Affairs thus advises that the earliest a Lecturer can apply and be considered for promotion to Senior Lecturer is during the 6th year. Similarly, the earliest one can apply and be considered for promotion to Principal Lecturer is during the 12th year (C190, B.5).

Promotion Standards and Review Procedures

C190 states that "[e]ach college or school is responsible for developing detailed procedures for implementation of this policy. These procedures require approval by the college/school faculty members and dean, with final approval by the Provost". C190 anticipates that procedures will be "similar to the process used to evaluate tenure-track and clinician educator (CE) faculty promotions, and should include input from departmental faculty members, including other Lecturers, the Department Chair, and the School or College Dean, who may use an ad-hoc advisory committee."

With regard to standards, in the absence of developing specific criteria for these appointments, academic units may wish to look to their professorial promotion and tenure procedures and standards, and eliminate any requirements for creation and dissemination of new knowledge (research and scholarship). The remaining standards for teaching and service would be adequate and appropriate for Lecturer promotions standards.

Promotion Packages due March 1st

Academic Affairs has determined that submittal of recommendations and review materials for Lecturer promotion in rank to the Provost should occur no later than March 1st if promotions are to take effect in the subsequent academic year. However, academic units are encouraged to submit promotion packages by the end of Fall Semester if possible.

Promotional Compensation Increases

Changes in appointment or rank present opportunities for academic unit to do a compensation equity analysis and seek approval to make salary adjustments. C190 states that upon promotion in rank, a Lecturer may expect "[a] A salary increase that is consistent with the policies and practices of the HSC, the College or School, and the Department." Currently Academic Affairs provides a recurring revenue allocation to academic units to ensure a minimum of $3,000 for a promotional increase upon attaining Senior Lecturer rank, and $4,000 for attaining Principal Lecturer rank. Academic units must fund any compensation increases that result from changes in appointments.

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