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Instructions for Voting in Upcoming Election on October 16 and 17, 2019 to Determine Union Representation

Polling Locations and Hours:

All polling locations* noted below will be open for voting from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on both Wednesday October 16 and Thursday October 17, 2019. You must vote on the campus which is your primary place of employment.

Eligible Voters:

All members of the two proposed bargaining units** are eligible to vote in the election so long as they were employed by UNM prior to August 30, 2019 and are on the September 30, 2019 payroll schedule. If your name does not appear on the eligible voter list and you believe this is in error, please contact the Labor Board at prior to the election date. If you arrive at the polls and your name does not appear on the eligible voter list, you will be required to vote a challenge/provisional ballot.

Picture ID:

In order to verify your identity, you must bring a form of picture ID to the polling site. If you do not, you will be asked to return with identification or be required to vote a challenge/provisional ballot.


All faculty are entitled to exercise their vote without interference or intimidation. Accordingly, no electioneering is allowed within 50 feet of the polling location. Electioneering includes the handing out of election materials, solicitation of other voters, sign waving and the wearing of t-shirts, buttons or other apparel that advocate a position in regard to the election. Individuals wearing items that advocate a position in relation to the election will be asked to remove or cover such items, leave the polling site and/or return without such items.

*Polling Locations: UNM Main Campus-Student Union Building (SUB); UNM Gallup-Library Conference Room; UNM Los Alamos-Building 6, Room 631; UNM Taos-Padre Martinez Student Services Center, Room D; UNM Valencia, Student Center.

**Members of proposed bargaining units:
Continuing Faculty:
Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Professor of Practice, Research Professor, Research Associate Professor, Research Assistant Professor, Research Lecturer, Lecturer I, II, III, Senior Lecturer I, II, III, Principal Lecturer I, II, III, Research Lecturer I, II, III, Senior Instructor and Instructor employed at all campuses except HSC.

Adjunct Faculty:
Temporary term and part-time temporary faculty employed at all campuses except HSC.

Both proposed bargaining units exclude Provost, Senior Vice Provost, Associate Provost, Deputy Provost, Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean, Department/Division Chairs, Academic Directors, Visiting Faculty and Working Retirees.

One September 4, 2019, the UA-UNM union filed a Petition for Mandamus district court in Albuquerque seeking an order from the Court requiring the University to provide the union with faculty home addresses, personal home and cell phone numbers, and personal email addresses. On October 2, 2019, Second Judicial District Court Judge Nancy Franchini heard oral argument from the union and the University on the issue. In consideration of these arguments, Judge Franchini denied the union's Petition, thereby declining to order the University to provide the union with the faculty contact information it sought.

On Wednesday Oct 16 and Thursday Oct 17, 2019, eligible UNM faculty will be given the opportunity to vote whether or not to be represented by a union. The vote will be held at 5 sites – one on central campus and one on each branch campus. Please see details on the voting process. This is a decision about the future of the UNM faculty and the future of UNM - every faculty member who is eligible to vote should review all of the information available, ask questions and be an active participant in this decision.

This website is meant to provide you with information and updates on United Academics of UNM (UA-UNM) faculty union petition, which was filed on February 13, 2019.

The University of New Mexico continues its commitment to a model of shared governance and academic freedom, which includes open lines of direct communication with faculty on the issues that are most important to them and offers a platform for the perspectives and voices of our talented and diverse researchers and scholars.

The University of New Mexico affirms the right of its faculty to choose union representation, and is committed to:

  • a fair and impartial election should the required showing of interest be certified;
  • a transparent, clear process that respects the right of its faculty to unionize;
  • providing accurate factual information that will be a resource for faculty as they evaluate whether union representation is appropriate for them; and
  • a thoughtful process that allows all sides to raise questions & concerns.

To assist faculty members in this endeavor, the University is committed to ensuring that potential bargaining unit members have access to sufficient factual information that will enable informed and reasoned decision-making. We encourage all faculty to seek as much information as possible, ask questions, explore the pros and cons of unionization and thoroughly examine the associated complex issues.

If the faculty in their best judgment believe unionization is in their best interests and those of the university's academic mission, and vote in favor, UNM will respect the outcome of an election.

Election Date:

Oct 16-17, 2019
Faculty vote on unionization

UNM Main and Branch Campuses

UNM Labor Management Relations Board Notice of Meeting:

October 25, 2019 - 9:00 AM
Miller Conference Room at the New Mexico State Bar Center
5121 Masthead NE
Albuquerque, NM

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