Welcome to the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning and Innovation!


The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning and Innovation is responsible for the quality and integrity of the academic program, including instruction, advisement, assessment, and accreditation.  The primary duties of the office are to coordinate and augment the work of those individuals and offices that support the university’s academic mission.

Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning and Innovation Greg Heileman

Greg Heileman

The Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning and Innovation works with deans and others across campus to support the teaching and learning mission of The University of New Mexico. This includes leading improvement efforts, coordinating resources, and providing administrative support to UNM’s schools and colleges. The Vice Provost is responsible for campus-wide activity in assessment, advising, academic program review and institutional analytics. In addition, the Vice Provost oversees accreditation activities, both at the program level (specialized accreditation) and at the university level.

The Vice Provost leads and supports strategic priorities related to teaching and learning, including a wide variety of student success initiatives, the Center for Academic Program Support, the Provost Committee on Academic Success, and the Institute for Design and Innovation (IDI). The IDI is working to improve educational outcomes by facilitating data-informed decision-making through research and innovative design of interactive analytics tools and applications.

VP for Teaching, Learning and Innovation Heileman oversees:

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